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Little Jungle Childcare collects data in the context of our services. Little Jungle Childcare uses this data to implement and process agreements, other services and internal operations.

In this privacy policy, we inform you about how to deal with your personal data. Handling personal data carefully is of great importance to us. Personal data is processed and secured carefully. All this is done in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Customer information

Customer information is registered for the purpose of:
– Keeping track of address details and bank details in the context of invoicing.
– Keeping track of information that is important to the care and development of the child.

Finger scanning with the purpose of (only within childcare centre Pappa Leeuw):
– User convenience and user-friendliness for our customers.
– Improved accessibility of the building.
– Improvement/optimisation of the safety within the building. Parents can freely enter and leave, causing them to function as a social check within the building (4-eyes-principle)

When a parent becomes a customer, there is an intake meeting. During this meeting, the following information is recorded: phone numbers and names of the parents/caretakers, the home address, and the phone numbers and details of third parties. Think of the contact details of a general practitioner, dentist and persons we can call in emergencies (in case the parents are not available).

The following details of the child are recorded: names, date of birth, nationality and particularities relating to the child. Think of allergies, health, sleeping and eating habits. We also discuss the course of the development of the child and whether anything unusual has happened in that regard.

By signing forms, parents give permission to make use of the provided information.

Photo and video materials

During the intake meeting, we ask parents for permission to use photos and video. Little Jungle childcare works with VIB (Video Interaction Guidance) with the purpose of improving the quality of communication between the pedagogical staff and children. The video recordings obtained for this purpose are for internal use only and will be destroyed after they are viewed.
Within our child centres, we often take pictures of the children using Little Jungle’s equipment. Some of these photos will end up in the child’s file (which parents receive as soon as their child leaves the child centre).

During the intake meeting, we ask parents for permission to take pictures and record video, for all sorts of purposes. This permission will be visible in Konnect under the parent portal heading.

Viewing the data

Parents have the right to view their or their child’s data

Access to the data

The following persons have access to customer data:
– Management
– Administrative staff
– Coordinator of the child centre

The following persons have access to child data:
– Management
– Administrative staff
– Coordinator of the child centre
– Pedagogical staff
– Interns (always under supervision of a pedagogical employee)

Protection of data

Personal data of customers is stored in secure file cabinets. This data is stored for 2 years.

Other agreements and guidelines

Code of conduct:

All employees at Little Jungle Childcare handle privacy-sensitive data of customers and colleagues with care. This means that:

Privacy-sensitive subjects are discussed with parents outside the presence of other parents. This happens in a separate room where other parents cannot follow the conversation. The daily course of affairs is discussed during pick-up and drop-off moments.
No work cases are discussed outside work.
Written information about children is stored carefully. The file with daily observation is not open during pick-up and drop-off moments. Parents have the right to view their own child(ren)’s information.
Child reports are not taken home, and no pictures of child observations are taken or forwarded to work on the Viewing registration at home.
Pedagogical staff of the out-of-school care keep parents informed if a teacher provides a transfer during the pick-up moments at school.
Before information is provided to third parties, parents/caretakers must provide written permission for this.
We do not express ourselves negatively toward third parties about children, parents and/or staff.
The Little Jungle staff is aware of its “exemplary role” and will act accordingly in all situations.
All computers are secured with a password.

Checking and archiving data:
Parent data is provided to the organisation only by themselves. Changes in data are only provided to the organisation by the parents themselves.
Old customer data is archived for 2 years and stored safely.

Data storage:

The following has been agreed about data storage:

Parent and children data is processed in the automated planning system. This is only accessible to the administrative staff, coordinator and management.
Children data is carefully stored at the group.
Parent and staff fingerprints (child centre Pappa Leeuw) are only accessible to the coordinator and one assigned pedagogical employee.

Information exchange with third parties:

Little Jungle Childcare offers children a safe and trusted environment and finds it important to stimulate their development. That is why there are meetings with parents/caretakers.
It may be in the child’s best interest to exchange information with third parties
(youth care office, GGD, consultation office, schools, MEE, general social work, etc.). Parents/caretakers will be asked for written permission before we exchange information with third parties.
An exception to this is an anonymous report to the ‘Veilig This’ reporting point.

For the purpose of the payment of the service purchased by parents, the administrative staff has contact with the tax authority and, in some cases, the municipality. The childcare is legally required to do this.

Customer identification:

If a child is picked up by someone other than the parents/caretakers, then our pedagogical staff wants to be aware of this. If the staff have not been informed of this, there will always be telephone contact with parents to confirm whether the child may go with the relevant person. Our pedagogical staff has the right to ask this person to identify themselves.

Third-party access to personal data:

Within Little Jungle Childcare, personal data may be provided for the execution of an inspection by the GGD. The childcare is legally required to do this.

Parents taking pictures:

Parents/caretakers are no longer allowed to take pictures in the groups. Little Jungle maps whether parents give permission for their child to be photographed and for what purpose. We then handle this very carefully.
It is very unpleasant when pictures of a child for which parents have not given permission ultimately ends up on a different channel, such as Social Media.
Pedagogical staff take pictures and share these with parents via the parent portal.”

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