Pappa Aap childcare (Woensel)

Pappa Aap is located at Calaislaan 1 in Woensel-Noord in Eindhoven and is together with primary school ‘De Achtbaan’ part of SPIL- centre Fransebaan.

We offer all forms of childcare at this location: day care, toddler care and out-of-school care. There is plenty of fun here for all kids, young and old. Children enjoy themselves in the discovery corner, the home corner, the kitchen, the building corner, the shop or the read and relax corner. There are also different cabinets with various playing materials that children can grab themselves. For the youngest ones, there is a closed outdoor area, and for toddlers and out-of-schoolers, the square is the place to be. Little Jungle childcare collects children from nearby schools. Click here for the overview.

An organised activity, or playing freely at the child centre?

There is lots of room for the childrens’ own initiative. Our pedagogical staff always think of fun and challenging play activities, which children love to participate in. And if they don’t feel like it? Then they can think of their own activity, there are plenty of materials. This way, a day at Pappa Aap is a fun day for everyone!

Childcare Woensel? Little Jungle!

Call 040–237 5761 for a tour or send us an e-mail.

Childcare rates at Pappa Aap

Want to know what the costs are for your child(ren)’s care? Then use our calculation tool to calculate the net costs for your situation. Click here to easily calculate what your net costs will be, including the costs for bringing and collecting the children to and from school.

Kinderopvang Little Jungle Pappa Aap

Calaislaan 1, 5627 NC Eindhoven Noord-Brabant Nederland
040 – 292 7069
07:00-19:00 (Monday through friday)
  • Day care
  • Pre-school
  • Free play walk-in
  • Out-of-school care (BSO)
  • Vacation care

Guided tour

We would love to show you our facilities with a guided tour. Get in touch with us for your personal tour. Or you can choose to immediately register or call us at 040 – 237 57 61.

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