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Our pedagogical policy

Childcare is much more than just a place where you bring your child when you go to work. It is a trusted place where your child can develop, learn and play with other children. And where you leave your child with peace of mind. That is why we do everything we can to provide first-class care. This translates into a strong pedagogical policy. At Little Jungle childcare, the pedagogical goals as mentioned in the Childcare Act are central.

Providing socio-emotional safety

We consider providing safety to children the most important thing. By providing a safe and protected environment, your child can relax and develop optimally, an absolute precondition for achieving the 3 goals below.

Stimulating social skills

Your child comes into contact with several children of different ages, which stimulates the development of social skills. Your child learns to interact with and take others into account. It also learns to be helpful to others, to cooperate and to wait its turn.

Stimulating personal competence

Through the extensive range of play materials and the knowledge of our pedagogical professionals, we stimulate your child’s development throughout the day on a physical, emotional, creative, linguistic and intellectual level.
We have an intensive cooperation with Eindhoven Library. Every location has a library where children can borrow books to take home. But we also borrow the most beautiful and fun books to read to the group. Reading aloud has an important place at Little Jungle; it is a daily recurring ritual. Because reading is fun and good for children’s development.

Transfer of values and norms

At Little Jungle childcare, clear rules and manners have been established, with respect for each other always forming the starting point. Our pedagogical professionals set an example in the transmission of values and norms and guide children in adopting these rules.

Based on the central pedagogical policy plan, a work plan has been written for each location. This sets out how the above pedagogical goals are given practical shape within the daily practice at the location. The pedagogical policy plan and the work plan for a location can be sent upon request.

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