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Pappa Leeuw Childcare

Childcare centre Pappa Leeuw is located at Castiliëlaan 10 in Eindhoven (Woensel-Noord) and collaborates with primary school ‘De Achtbaan‘. The childcare centre is easily accessible from the districts ‘Blixembosch’, ‘Achtse Barrier’ and ‘Buurtschap te Veld’.
At the childcare centre, we provide day care and preschool. There is also a free play walk-in at the childcare centre.

The group rooms are attractively furnished, there is plenty of play material and there are various play corners. There are kitchens, construction corners and house corners. The youngest children are also taken care of, with wall boards, mirrors and other play materials that stimulate the senses of the youngest children. And in the hall is also the library, where we can be found regularly. In short, a day at Pappa Leeuw is a celebration!

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Kinderopvang Little Jungle Kindercentrum Pappa Leeuw

Castiliëlaan 10, 5629 CH Eindhoven Noord-Brabant Nederland
040 – 368 7878
07:30-18:30 (Monday through friday)
Inspectierapporten: KDV
LRK-nummers: KDV: 167729500
  • Day care
  • Pre-school
  • Free play walk-in
  • Vacation care

What parents say about Pappa Leeuw

  • “Lotte has a great time at Pappa Leeuw! Every morning we are enthusiastically welcomed by the lovely teachers.
    Everyone is involved and every day everything is done to give the children a nice day. They really look at personal development and how they can best contribute to this.
    When we pick up Lotte, she always has a big smile on her face! ”

    — Jetske en Peter

  • “We are really super satisfied with the care at Pappa Leeuw. The pedagogical staff are extremely enthusiastic and we receive a warm welcome every day. There is genuine attention and interest for both parent and child, which means they also look at the child as an individual. If there are different needs from your child, they are always considered. Fun and educational activities are organised and they have great indoor and outdoor play areas. Our children really enjoy themselves at Pappa Leeuw, and the best part is that we leave them with all the lovely staff in peace of mind! ”

    — Evi

  • “Childcare centre Pappa Leeuw is a small-scale and friendly childcare location, with a very nice, cosy and calm atmosphere. The first moment I stepped inside felt immediately familiar. There are always familiar faces in the group and a lot of love and attention is given to the children.
    There are also lots of fun activities; our little daughter always enjoys these immensely! There is a lot of playing outside, something we as parents find very important. I would wish such a nice childcare location for every child! The location is not in our residential area, but with love and pleasure I will drive more kilometres for this! ”

    — Hanneke

  • “Our daughter goes to Pappa Leeuw with enthusiasm, and comes home with enthusiasm. We leave her with the teachers with confidence. As parents, we experience the staff as committed, caring and attentive. We are kept in touch by uploading photos and adding daily reports. If there are any questions or concerns, the staff are attentive and prompt to make contact by phone. In short; a pleasant nursery where you can confidently accommodate your most important creatures in your life and where they also develop in terms of language, education, creativity and social development. ”

    — Djebbe

  • “Pappa Leeuw is a very nice childcare centre. My daughter (20 months) enjoys going there every day, which is reflected in the daily photos. Teachers are knowledgeable, very good with the children, and thoughtful. Location is fine, in green surroundings, with plenty of toys and play space. Nice plus is also that there is a children's library, so we have new books to read together every week. We switched to Little Jungle after the previous daycare suddenly stopped. The transition took some getting used to for my daughter, but she found her feet in no time.

    — Saskia

What is special about childcare centre Pappa Leeuw?

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