On adventure at our out-of-school care

Out-of-school care (BSO)

Out-of-school care is for children of primary school age and is a place where children have a great time together with their peers.
After school, a pedagogical professional picks up your child and makes sure he or she arrives safely at our BSO. There, we organise the best indoor and outdoor activities; from sports clinics to craft activities, and from cooking to building cabins. Your child is free to choose what the day looks like, because we see BSO as free time.
Our staff are there for your child. They offer a listening ear and join in the activities. Ultimately, we want all children to have a great afternoon and to go home with a smile on their face!

Outside school and during holidays
Does your working day start earlier than your child’s school day? Our pre-school care offers a solution. Your child can play with peers, and we make sure they arrive at school on time.

During holidays and study days, we are there too, of course. We organise all kinds of fun activities; sometimes we go on excursions, but there is also plenty to do on location. For study days, we are open when there are enough applications.

List of primary schools where Little Jungle picks up children
Children are collected on foot or by our bus. Our pedagogical professionals wait in the schoolyard at a fixed spot and wear company clothing so that they are clearly recognisable to children. We collect children from these primary schools:

  • Basisschool ‘De Schelp’
  • Basisschool ‘Hanevoet’
  • Basisschool ‘de Achtbaan’
  • Basisschool ‘De Vijfkamp’
  • Basisschool ‘De Klapwiek’
  • Basisschool ‘De Spaaihoeve’
  • Basisschool ‘De Ontmoeting’
  • Basisschool ‘De Springplank’
  • Jennifer

    “My children have enjoyed going to the out-of-school care for years now. Many different activities are organised so they don't get bored. The leaders are very competent and when picking up the children, I always receive a report on how the afternoon went. In short, a great out-of-school care where I leave my children with an easy mind.”

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