Complaints procedure

Are you not entirely satisfied? Within Little Jungle childcare, we strive to provide first class childcare that everyone feels good about. Even so, it may happen that you are not entirely satisfied. We want to reach a solution together with you.

Complaints procedure at Little Jungle childcare
Little Jungle childcare has an internal complaints procedure in which we, within our organisation, look for a solution to your complaint. There is also an external complaints procedure whereby you can file your complaint with an external entity.

Internal complaints procedure
Within Little Jungle childcare, there are different ways in which you can express your complaint:

With a complaint about the actions of a pedagogical employee or an event that has occurred within the group, you can contact the directly involved pedagogical employee. There is often a misunderstanding, and the relevant employee can explain the situation to you. However, if this is not satisfactory to you, or if the relevant employee is not authorised to handle the complaint, then the coordinator will contact you to find a solution.

You can also turn to the coordinator directly. For instance, if you do not want to discuss the complaint with the directly involved pedagogical employee or if you have a complaint relating to policy or the organisation. The coordinator will respond to your complaint within a week.

Lastly, you can file your complaint in writing with the management of Little Jungle childcare. The management will, depending on the nature of your complaint, respond as quickly as possible (and no later than six weeks after submission). This response will be received in writing, including a description of when any measures have been or will be realised.

Generally, we apply the following principles with complains:

We are happy to talk to you about complaints.
We investigate your complaint thoroughly.
We strive to find a solution to your complaint, but not all individual complaints can be solved.
We keep you informed of the progress of processing your complaint as much as possible.
All information is treated confidentially.
External complaints procedure
Little Jungle childcare is associated with the Klachtenloket Kinderopvang. Before you can file a complaint with this entity, you must first make the complaint (save for some exceptions) known to the coordinator of the day care centre, or to the management,

If we cannot work it out together, you can turn to the Klachtenloket Kinderopvang. They will first hear your complaint and give you information and advice. They can also provide mediation between parents and day care organisations. If you still cannot reach a solution, you can file your complaint with the Geschillencommissie Kinderopvang en Peuterspeelzalen. This formal step turns your complaint into a dispute. The Disputes Committee makes a decision within 6 months, which is binding to all parties.

You can find more information on the website The detailed complaints procedure can be obtained upon request. Please contact us for this.

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