Frequently asked questions

Can I come and have a look at a Little Jungle childcare location?

Yes, we are proud to show you one of our locations! Requesting a tour is very easy via the orange button on the website. We will then contact you to schedule an appointment. During the tour, we will be happy to tell you about our working methods and there will be plenty of time for you to ask questions.

Is there a waiting list and when will I be told if there is a place?

Sometimes there is not always room for your child right away. That is why we advise you to enrol your child as soon as possible. This can easily be done via the website. We will check whether there is a place for your child on the requested days. The availability of places depends on the age of your child, the starting date of the childcare, the preferred days and the chosen location.

What happens after registration?

After enrolment, the coordinator of the childcare centre will contact you to discuss enrolment and possibilities. If there is room for your child, you will receive an offer so you can see what the (gross) costs of childcare are. After your approval of the offer, a placement agreement will follow, which will be final after signing.
Just before the start date, your child’s mentor will contact you to schedule an intake. During the intake, the focus is on getting to know each other and telling you about your child. We will also discuss when your child will come to settle in. Together, we work towards a smooth start at our childcare centre!

What are the opening hours?

Our locations are open Monday to Friday in basic from 7.30am to 6.30pm. At some locations, childcare is available from 7am, or until 7pm.
On national holidays, our locations are closed. In addition, the toddler group and playgroup are closed during school holidays.

Can I exchange days if my child does not attend the childcare centre?

Is your child sick, or is your child not coming to the childcare centre for another reason? You can easily deregister your child via the parent portal/app. If you do this on time, you will receive credit for the unused hours. We apply the following times:

– Before-school care: before 7.30 am.
– Day care: before 8.30 am.
– After- school care: before 11.00 am. In holidays before 7.30 am.

Please note that the possibilities to use hours from the credit may sometimes be limited. This is because we have to deal with legal regulations regarding the maximum number of children to be cared for, as well as the availability of staff. Switching is therefore an extra service, and it is not guaranteed that there will be room at your preferred time. In our house rules, you will find all information on exchanges.

I want to cancel my child's care, how do I arrange this?

This can be done simply by sending an e-mail. Cancellations or reductions in contract hours are subject to a one-month notice period.

My child is ill. Can my child still attend the children's centre?

This varies depending on the situation. Of course, being sick must not endanger other children, staff and your child. In addition, your child must be able to participate in the day programme as usual; it is difficult to give a sick child the extra attention he or she needs in a group.

Does your child have a childhood illness? With most childhood illnesses, children can simply come to the children’s centre, as it was already contagious before the illness manifested itself. We follow the RIVM guidelines in case of childhood illnesses. We ask you to inform us if your child has a childhood illness.
Is your child sick and in doubt about whether to come? In that case, you can always consult a staff member at the children’s centre. Together, you will assess whether it is safe to bring your child.

If your child falls ill while at the children’s centre, or suddenly feels unwell, a pedagogical professional will contact you. Sometimes it is immediately clear and your child has to be collected. Sometimes it can still stay, but you and a member of staff will make arrangements about what to do if the symptoms get worse. So it is important that you can be reached by phone!

My child needs medication at childcare, is that possible?

You must complete a permission form for all medication (tablets, drinks, powders, ointments, sprays, drops, etc.) that needs to be administered. This includes medicines/medication bought from a chemist or pharmacy.

This form is available at the group and can be found here. The declaration of consent lists all the conditions relating to administration. If all conditions are met, we can administer the medicine/medication.

Paracetamol/ suppositories are given only on doctor’s prescription. Paracetamol seems like a harmless drug, but it is definitely not. It will suppress symptoms, but sometimes symptoms may not be suppressed, and paracetamol is not the right medicine. In addition, paracetamol (if administered at fever) causes temperature fluctuations and this can lead to a febrile convulsion in young children.

I am not satisfied with the reception, where can I go?

We strive to provide first-class care, but despite this you may not be completely satisfied. We would like to hear from you!

If you are not completely satisfied, you can contact a pedagogical professional in the group, the coordinator or the management. You will find the detailed complaints procedure in our house rules.

Where can I find the GGD inspection reports?

Our locations are visited annually by a GGD inspector, who checks whether we meet the requirements of the Childcare Act.

The GGD reports can be found on the government website. Just enter the name of the childcare centre under ‘kenmerken’.

Where can I find the childcare centre's LRK number?

You need an LRK number to apply for or change childcare benefits. Every location and type of work has its own unique LRK number. You can find this number on our website under the contact details of the locations, and on the government website.

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