Toddler care in our kindergarten

To prepare young children (27 months and older) for primary school, it is great to have them visit toddler care. This was previously also known as kindergarten Toddlers of both working and non-working parents stay together in the group and discover how much fun it is to play with other children. The activities at the toddler care are carefully composed by our VVE-certified staff. They playfully teach children all sorts of new things. In short, at the toddler care, the focus is on playing!

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Costs for Toddler care

As of 2018, the toddler care falls under the Child Care Act and parents pay an income-dependent contribution for the childcare. Municipalities determine the conditions for these ‘pre-school facilities’. This means contributions can vary between municipalities. You can use our calculation tool to calculate the net costs for toddler care.

Guided tour

We would love to show you our facilities with a guided tour. Get in touch with us for your personal tour. Or you can choose to immediately register or call us at 040 – 237 57 61.

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