General Terms and Conditions and house rules

To guarantee a pleasant, safe environment for your children, we maintain a number of rules. Such as relating to pick-up and drop-off and the course of affairs when your child is ill. You can find the most important agreements below. You can also download the general terms and conditions and house rules. Do you want more information? Call 040 – 237 5761 or send us a message.

Our rules in brief:

Pick-up and drop-off

We kindly ask you to pick up and drop off your child on time. Being late is unpleasant for both your child and our pedagogical staff.

When picking up your child later or dropping them off earlier, you will be charged in accordance with the applicable hourly rate. Deviating agreements regarding pick-up and drop-off times are always negotiable.

If your child is not coming on the agreed day(s), please notify the child centre / office as soon as possible. If your child s not coming on the agreed day(s), you can save these unused hours via the parent portal, subject to certain conditions, as credit. Please refer to the house rules for the precise rules about this.
If your child is not present without us being made aware of this, a pedagogical employee will contact you by phone.

When your child is ill

It is often difficult to indicate when a child is ‘ill’. Every sick child needs specific care and extra attention. A childcare centre is not equipped for this and cannot provide this extra care. When your child becomes ill during their stay at the childcare centre, we will always contact you. And we only take action in consultation with you. If your child needs direct medical care, the child will of course receive said care first. We will contact you immediately after that.

Your child cannot come to the childcare centre of or must be picked up if:

The health of the other children is being jeopardised. In terms of infection hazard, we maintain the GGD/RIVM guidelines
Your child is too ill to participate in the day programme
The care of your child is too intensive for our pedagogical staff

Own clothes and toys

Children who sleep at the childcare centre bring their own pyjamas and possibly a pacifier. We also ask you to arrange for spare clothing, especially if your child is not yet (fully) potty-trained. We ask you to include a name or initials on coats, scarves, etc.

There are plenty of toys at the childcare centre. Therefore, it is not desirable for your child to bring their own toys, as it may become lost or broken.

Contact and parent meetings

When picking up and dropping off your child, you have the opportunity to make contact with the present pedagogical staff. Your child will also be assigned a mentor, who is aware of your situation and can be contacted if you have questions. There is a parent meeting at least once per year. If you have a need for a meeting in the meantime, you can always make an appointment.

Do you have any questions?

You can always contact us if you have questions. Send us a message via our contact form, e-mail us or call us at 040 – 237 57 61.

House rules (English)
General terms & conditions (English)

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